How to get 2-3 listings a month without trying

Sign riders are pretty amazing, they help agents miss less phone calls, and capture more buyer leads. When new customers of ours start putting sign riders in front of their listings they

We create sign riders for real estate agents, when our customers put sign riders in front of their listings they saw a massive increase in the number of buyer leads that they generated. But something really unexpected also started to occur, they never saw this coming.

Even though they were getting way more buyer leads, they were now starting to actually get seller leads as well.

When a home goes on the market in a neighborhood, all the nosy neighbors keep track of it’s success. They are keeping track of the number of buyer visits it gets, how many cars are stopping front and taking pictures, the price reductions, etc, etc.

This is because a lot of times other homeowners are also considering selling their home and they want to see how the other listing does. Sometimes they even try to list their home quickly and price it below the other listing to get an advantage.

Sometimes they feel the other house is under priced and very concerned it’s going to become a negative comp when they go to sell.

So when our customers were calling back all the buyer leads on their sign riders they were surprised to find a few prospective seller leads in there. The neighbors would fill out the sign rider because they wanted to get more information about the listing.

Many of them would start asking our agents questions, “How’s it going with the other house?”, “Are they getting offers?”, “What do you think they’ll close for?”, our agents got a lot of listing appointments out of the deal, and they were some of the highest converting appointments ever because they were so interested and qualified.

I’m actually doing a bootcamp with some of our other customers to explain how you should handle these leads, how to talk to them on the phone, how to get an appointment with them, and how to close the listings appointment.

I’d be happy to have more agents get on the training

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