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Meet SMS Listings: It's the only call capture software that not only increases the number of buyer leads by 319%, it's also all done for you so you don't waste any of your valuable time worrying about the little details!

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How It Works

4 Week Case Study

7 Phone Calls

Control Response Rate

"For Sale" Sign Only

12 Phone Calls, 10 Text Messages

314% Response Increase

For Sale Sign with SMS Listings Sign Rider

Giving buyers the option to text or call to get information about your listings proves to increase response rates by 314%.

Using SMS Listings is super easy:

  • Upload your listings or email them to us.
  • Our team completely sets up each listing and mails you a sign rider.
  • Attach the sign rider to your "For Sale" sign.
  • Start capturing leads! All leads are instantly texted and emailed to you.

SMS Listings In Figures


Phone Call Leads Generated


Text Message Leads Generated


Voice Mails Received


Happy Customers

What happens when a buyer sends a text message to your listing code?

1. The buyer drives past your "For Sale" sign and sign rider.

2. The buyer sends a text message to your number with the unique listing code.

3. The prospect instantly receives a return text message that has the property details and a link to the single property website.

4. The buyer pulls up the single property website on their phone to view pictures of the home.

5. Realtor instantly receives the buyers phone number via text and email and calls them to see if they'd like a showing.

Who Else Uses SMS Listings?

What happens when a buyer calls your phone number and enters your listing code?

1. The buyer drives past your "For Sale" sign and sign rider.

2. The buyer calls your phone number and enters the unique listing code to hear more details about the listing.

3. The buyer hears a prerecorded message that describes the property and lists all the details.

4. After the recording the buyers hears a "More Options" menu and can be instantly connected to the Realtor.

5. Realtor instantly receives the buyers phone number via text and email and calls them to see if they'd like a showing.

What is SMS Listings?

It's an easy to use Call Capture software for Real Estate Agents. SMS Listings makes it easier for buyers to get information about your listings. It gives buyers the ability to call or send a text message to get details about your listings, and that causes a huge increase in buyer responses. According to PEW Research, 53% of people prefer to call to get more information, 31% prefer to send a text message, and the other 16% don't care either way.

When you pair those stats with the fact that many buyers don't want to call in trying to get information about a listing and end up on voice mail or talking to a pushy agent, you can see why the number of buyer responses increase using our sign riders.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for Realtors to use our software, so for that reason we have a team that will completely setup every code for you. We even have a print shop that will print and mail a sign rider for every one of your listings. We'll even send you a few extra when you sign up so that you can put them out right away with new listings.

All of that is included in your 30 Day Free Trial, and if you like it then it's all for only $49.95 a month. Unlimited listings, sign riders, codes setup etc.

Here's all the features and services that are included in your SMS Listings membership

Increase The Number of Leads Your
Listings Generate By 319%

Have you ever missed a call from an interested buyer? With the sign rider buyers can access information about your listing anytime they want, anyway that they want. We found that by offering the option of calling or texting the unique listing code increased the total number of leads by over 100%. Around 51% of people would rather call a recorded hotline to get information about a listing, and the other 49% would rather text. So if you’re only offering one or the other you’re missing out on a lot of leads.

Double side more listings

Buyers are far less reluctant to call or text the number on your sign rider. They like that they can get information without having to talk to a person, that way there is no pressure.Your sign rider will generate around 300% more leads than your traditional for sale sign, and you’ll double side a lot more of your listings.

Don’t waste your valuable time
setting up codes yourself

Our team will setup all of your codes, recorded hotlines, mobile single property sites etc for every listing. Literally just email our team at the links to your listings, from Zillow or your personal website, and they will totally set up your listing codes.

They will do the following for each listing 1. Pick out a code for you.  2. Create the SMS Response Message.  3. Have a professional voice recording made for the recorded hotline.  4. Have a sign rider printed with the code on it, and mail it directly to the homeowner or you.  5. Email you an update with your fully set up code so that you can review it and make any changes.

Exclusive Local Phone Number

You will get a unique local phone number that will be exclusively for your account. Don't worry about having one of those confusing text codes that most people don't understand how to use.

Unlimited Codes and Mobile
Single Property Websites

Our team will set up all the listings that you currently have. Every time that you bring on a new listing, just send us a link to it and we'll set it up and mail a sign rider out to the seller ASAP. You don’t even have to put the sign rider on it if you don’t want to. There are also no caps on the amount of leads, phone calls, or text messages responses that can be sent through your account.

Never Worry About Flyers Again

Don't worry about people taking a flyer out of your flyer box and never calling you. Anytime a buyer texts or calls your listing code you will receive an instant text message notification and email with their information. Your leads are also stored online in your account.

Full backend editor

You're welcome to login and make any changes to your codes, mobile listing websites, download your leads, listen to voicemails, or anything else in your account anytime that you want to. If you want to setup your listings on your own, you're welcome to do that too.

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If you are paying member for the Elite level and you decide you no longer wish to keep your account active, send us a cancellation request email to support@smslistings.comor call our support team at (904) 800-6580. All cancellation requests must be made 3 days prior to your bill date to ensure that you are not charged. This is to avoid charges on the weekend when our support team is not in the office. Subscription charges that have already been ran are not refundable.


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